I am Shweta. I am a photographer and photography for me is an art that recreates history.  



I am nostalgic. Particularly, about the place where my daughter was born - Basel in Switzerland. The same place where I started photography as a profession as well. At present, I am in pursuit of a simple life.

I love families who love to bond well. I love capturing them through my camera. I believe that a family captured while having fun, in a nice, well lit and bright environment creates the best photos. Unique and timeless. A story. An art.

My sessions are relaxed. At the end of the session I want you to feel that you spent a good time with your family. I want the photos to be about love and emotions.


I started my career as an SAP Consultant. After a maternity break of about a year, I started with Lifestyle Photography.


I am also an established Wedding Photographer with The Creative Lens (www.tclphtography.com), a brand co-founded with my husband Soumak.


My little one is nine and I still love carrying her. My father is 69 and I still love to rest my head on his big tummy. My husband fell in love with me because he found my clumsiness funny. A bit of which you might still find in me. 

That is a piece of me for you. 


All photographs in this website is copyright of Mommygraphy Photography -  © Shweta Mukherjee Photography 2019. All Rights Reserved. 

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