Smera & Saarth in Goa

Dear Deepika & Abhishek, 
As a lifestyle and vacation photographer, my work is to capture the vacation memories. Every family has a unique connection and story. It is important for me to see what is unique and show it as your story. 
I was standing outside the room when when Smera gave me the most courteous smile and welcomed me. She is one of the most polite and sophisticated girl I have ever met.
Saarth gave me a smile every time I was not hiding behind the camera ;) It is very rare to meet a playful yet peaceful boy. 
The best moment was when we were playing word games and I said Di and he said Da! I can never forget how he always wanted to run towards the sea.
Thank You so much for making me meet your little ones.
Here is a sneak preview of a lovely rainy day in Goa & Smera and Saarth enjoying the monsoon with Mama and Papa.

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