The dresser story

This is my first blog on home decor and gardening.

Soumak and I have been married for almost 13 years now. And where we live now is the 13th house where I have stayed since then. That is quite a number, given that I have stayed for 5 years in the last two houses. In the last 13 years, we have changed cities 8 times.

Over the years, I have managed to create the collection of stuff in my house that you can see now. Every furniture in the house, every show-piece, has in its lifetime seen travel along with us.

I work really hard to grow whatever you will see in this space.

My present home is a 25 years old building and no one had lived here before we moved in about 2 years ago. It had largely stayed locked.

I had always thought that I will start the blog after having the house re-painted and floor cleaned, but, at some point I realised that it really didn't matter. I should not perhaps wait till then. So, I made a start today.

So here it is. The first is a glimpse of my dressing space because dressing up is one of my favourite things. 

This wall hanging is a gift from one of my closest friends, Rekha, when she came to visit us from UK. Every time I read this, I miss my college friend Piyusha. We have done this together so many times. On some days, this is just so me!

indian home

My house is full of plants - my babies. My favourite plants are Peace Lily (easily survives anywhere), Wire Vine (does fairly good without water ) and Money Plant.  I love painting pots. The green pot you see have been painted with chalk paint from ItsyBitsy

home of india

"Into the forest I lose my mind and find my soul!" Isn't this art work from Vajor perfect? It is definitely perfect for me.

The shrug here is from a shop called Oregano in Candolim. This is one of my favourite and most worn ones :)

The dresser is two generations old and belonged to Soumak's grand mom. He used to call her 'Nanta' since when he was very small he  couldn't pronounce her name 'Shanta'. She had after that become Nanta to all kids, including my daughter. 

My mom and dad's old photo always reminds me that love is all we need. 

My smile is real, but, the nails are fake and done by Blackpalettestudio in Caranzalem. We got the ring as a gift from local Artisans when we were doing a process documentation assignment in Pataudi. It shows that sometimes people who seem to "not have enough" are the most kind.

I am a chronic re-arranger so the next time I will blog this space you can bet the details would be different. I have many gifts and many more stories in this corner itself that is not mentioned. I guess I am myself waiting for them to unfold slowly.

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